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From: Jay Michaelson
Subject: boys show-off for teacher - 1Boys Show-Off for Teacher - 1
James Michaelson
showingoffsoxyahoo.comPlease note: This is something of a continuation of my “Schoolboy
Show-Offs” stories; having exhausted that format, I wanted to change the
perspective somewhat while keeping some of the characters. Please let me
know if you are enjoying the story! Thanks!The school year had ended and Dave had to say goodbye to his former
students; best lolita paysite ukrainian he had taken a job teaching at a very small private school for
boys that encompassed all grades. Dave was excited to be able to teach
enthusiastic boys in smaller classroom settings.To make a little extra money, Dave had agreed to start by teaching summer
school. He was teaching an English class comprising a mixture of boys who
needed to catch up to their classmates and boys who excelled and wanted to
get ahead. This was a challenge for Dave, but after he got a look at the
boys in his class on his first day, he knew he had made the right choice to
come to Woodland Academy.The boys in his new class were a variety of ages, and all wore the summer
version of the school uniform which many of the boys, especially those
trying to “catch up,” did not like. It was based on British school uniforms
and consisted of grey short pants, long grey knee socks, and a white shirt,
plus the boys had to wear dress shoes along with it.One of Dave’s favorite students was Stevie, a quite but smart kid who was
at the school on a scholarship. Dave could tell lolita nymphet top sites
the boy was from a family
who didn’t have much money from his uniform. His clothes were small and
worn as the boy outgrew them faster than free young lolitas galleries his family could replace them.It was young litlel lolitas rusia
a Monday morning, and none of the boys was excited to be in summer
school. Stevie, though, was sitting in the front row as usual paying close
attention to his new teacher. As Dave walked around the front of the room
lecturing, he noticed that Stevie’s white shirt was so thin and tight that
you could see right through it. The boy’s nipples were evident as was the
top couple of inches of his tightie whities. Dave could even see that the
boy had a tear where the waistband was coming away from his underpants.Dave concluded his talk about poetry, then asked his students to write a
poem of their own, a request which caused grumbling in about half of the
boys. Others, such as Stevie, were eager to try to impress the new teacher.Dave walked around the room, stopping occasionally to offer a boy help. As
he walked up to Stevie’s desk, he noticed the boy shifting his feet as if
he were uncomfortable. Dave quickly figured out why and leaned down to
whisper in the boy’s ear, “If your shoes are too tight and hurting your
feet, you can take them off.”Stevie smiled up at his teacher, then placed the toe of one shoe against
the heel of the other. He had to push hard to get the too-tight shoe off,
but finally the loafer popped off and Stevie could wiggle his toes inside
his socks. He then tried to get his other shoe off the same way, but his
thin socked-toes kept slipping off the heel of the shoe as it was so
tight. “Here, let me help you,” said Dave, then kneeled down in front of
the boy. With a tug he pulled the boy’s loafer off, and Stevie could wiggle
the toes of that foot now too. Dave looked up at Stevie who was grinning at
him, and the teacher also noticed that his student’s shorts were getting
even tighter in the front.Dave continued to walk around the classroom as the boys wrote their
poems. Rob, one of the students going to summer school to try to catch up,
was clearly not enthused about the assignment. He had noticed the teacher
with Stevie and grumbled to himself about getting special attention. Rob
decided that since Stevie could take his shoes off, he was allowed
too. Dave noticed that Rob reached down, untied his dress shoes, and kicked
them off. The uncomfortable shoes went sliding across the floor.The next time Dave strolled past Stevie’s desk, he noticed the boy
struggling, so he squatted down to help him. He casually put his hand on
Stevie’s back, and the boy smiled at him. As he talked quietly with his
student, Dave gently slid his hand down Stevie’s back until he was touching
the boy’s soft skin where his shirt had come untucked from his shorts. As
Stevie continued to smile at his teacher, Dave fingered the material of the
boy’s underpants that were showing above his shorts. He pulled slightly on
the waistband and heard a small ripping noise as the elastic continued to
tear lolita nymphet top sites away from the briefs.Meanwhile in the back of the little lolita boys nude
room Rob was watching his teacher give Stevie
extra attention. He felt jealous, but also couldn’t help but discover he
was getting excited. Rob reached down and squeezed his boner through his
shorts. As he watched his teacher touching Stevie’s back and fingering his
underwear, nn preteen erotical lolita
Rob could not stop himself from rubbing himself through his
uniform.Still crouched next to Stevie’s desk, Dave reached his arm around the boy
and pulled lightly on his shirt. A couple of buttons popped off the shirt,
and Stevie looked at his teacher and said, “Uh oh!”"It’s OK,” whispered Dave, ls magazine 12 lolita
now lightly rubbing the soft skin on the boy’s
chest through the gaps in the shirt. Dave pushed his hand further inside
the shirt, popping two more buttons, so that he could rub Stevie’s
nipple. His student just closed his eyes and moaned softly.Dave slid his hand out of the boy’s shirt and gently slid it into Stevie’s
grey school shorts. The tight and worn-out shorts couldn’t take the strain,
and the button on the waistband popped right off and landed on the
floor. As Dave continued to slide his hand into the uniform, the zipper
began to give way. The zipper ripped right open, exposing Stevie’s worn
underpants. The boy seemed to forget he was in class with his teaching
stripping him, as he continued to moan softly with his eyes still closed.Dave spied another rip in his student’s underpants, this one where a seam
around the fly was coming apart. Dave gave it a yank and with a slight
tearing noise that Dave covered with a cough, the front of Stevie’s
underwear ripped open, exposing his hard dick. Dave took hold of the boy’s
cock free young lolitas galleries
and began to pump it up and down.Although the teacher was trying to shield the rest of the class from seeing
what he was doing, Rob in the back could figure it out. He was jealous of
the attention Stevie was getting, but felt himself getting more and more
excited too. He couldn’t stop from rubbing his hard-on through his uniform.Stevie had never had one of his teacher’s touch him the way Mr. Miller was
even though he had always fantasized about it. Now that it was finally
happening to him, he couldn’t contain his excitement. After only about a
minute of the teacher jacking his dick, Stevie felt a wave of pleasure
spread all over him, even better than when he played with himself in
bed. His whole body twitched and jerked as his orgasm filled him with the
most pleasurable sensation he had ever felt. He never wanted his teacher to
stop touching him like this.After he was sure Stevie had had an orgasm, Dave got some safety pins out
of his desk to help the boy fix his uniform so he looked presentable. Then
Dave thought he had better show some attention to the rest of the boys
still pre teens modeling lolita working on their poems. Dave walked up to Rob’s desk to find that the
boy had written almost nothing. He thought he knew why, seeing the boy’s
erection tenting his shorts, and wondered if Rob saw what he did with
Stevie.”What’s wrong, Rob?” asked Dave.”I don’t know how to get started, Mr. Miller,” said Rob.Dave pulled an empty desk up next to the boy to help him. He began to
whisper suggestions in the boy’s ear as Rob started to write preteen lol ped models in his
notebook. When Dave reached over and put his hand on the boy’s boner, Rob
smiled at him. It was the first time Dave had seen the boy smile.Dave moved his hand down to the boy’s bare leg, then slid it up his
shorts. Rob always wore oversized uniform shorts that were loose. Dave knew
that the boy wore boxers, as he often got glimpses up Rob’s shorts and of
the waistband through his white shirt. Dave’s hand came into contact with
Rob’s boxers underneath the shorts, and he began to rub his student’s
hard-on through the material.Dave continued to talk to Rob about his poem and the boy continued to write
as his teacher was rubbing his hard cock. After manipulating the boy’s dick
through the boxers, his boner worked its way out through the fly. Dave was
now jacking the boy’s dick directly, though still with his hand underneath
the boy’s shorts. The faster he jacked Rob’s hard-on, the faster the boy
wrote in his notebook.Dave was working the boy’s cock so hard that his shorts had ridden up,
exposing the bottoms of his boxers. little lolita boys nude Dave smiled when he saw the boy was
wearing Spongebob undies. He continued to jack Rob’s boner, so much that
the boy was leaking pre-cum which was soaking through his school shorts.Rob was panting but continued writing as he felt his teacher jacking him
off. As he penned the last few lines of his poem, Rob felt his dick twitch
and pulse in his teacher’s hand. Suddenly his jizz spurted nude young lolitas pics out, shooting
right through the material of his shorts. As he completed his poem, his
teacher jacked his cock, squeezing out ever drop of cum. By the time they
were done, the front of Rob’s uniform shorts was stained with sticky semen.Dave slid his hand out from under Rob’s shorts and stood up, saying, “See
how much fun it was to write a poem?” His student looked up at him with a
satisfied smile on his face.Class ended and the boys filed out to their next period, giving Dave some
free time. He grabbed a book and headed to the school’s library to
read. Dave sat down at one of the study carrels, and a few minutes later
noticed someone sat down at the desk on the other side. The partition
prevented naked 14 yo lolita
Dave from seeing his face, but he looked underneath the desks and
saw that it was clearly a student wearing the school uniform. Dave went
back to his book.As Dave read he noticed that the boy across from kept bumping his feet up
against him. Dave looked under the desk and saw that the boy kept moving
his feet so that nn preteen erotical lolita
his shoes bumped Dave’s, and the teacher suspected that
this was intentional. He went back to his reading until he felt move
movement under the desk, and when he looked he saw that the boy across from
him was slipping his shoes off. The boy stretched his socked feet out until
they were close to Dave’s. Soon the teacher felt something again, and when
he ls magazine 12 lolita looked saw loli models wet underage that the boy had begun to rub his socked feet on Dave’s
shoes.A few minutes later Dave was surprised when he felt the boy’s feet pulling
on his shoes. Dave lifted up his foot just a bit, and the shoe popped off
his foot. Then the boy slid his socked feet over to the other shoe and
pulled that one off as well. Dave couldn’t believe a student was taking his
shoes off of him! Now the two began to rub feet together, the boy in his
grey school socks and Dave in his black nylon dress socks.After a bit Dave felt the boy pull away, then felt something at his
feet. He peeked under the desk to see that the lolita nymphet top sites
boy had gently slid down
onto the floor. He was lying on the carpet so that Dave could rub his
socked feet on him. Dave did just that, exploring the boy’s body with his
nylon-socked feet.Dave slid his feet under the boy’s untucked shirt, feeling his tummy and
chest through his nylon socks. Dave pushed his legs apart until the front
of the boy’s shirt ripped open, the buttons flying off. The boy quickly
wiggled out of the shirt and free young lolitas galleries was naked from the waist up so Dave could
explore his chest, rubbing it all over.Eventually Dave began to slip his feet down inside the boy’s shorts. The
student quickly got the idea and reached down to unzip his shorts and
wriggle out of them. Dave peeked under the desk to see that the boy had on
a pair of skimpy briefs with brightly-colored stripes on them. Now Dave
could explore the boy’s entire body with his socked feet, gently rubbing
his hard-on through the flimsy material of his underpants. At one point the
boy grabbed a hold of one of Dave’s feet, pulled it to his mouth, and began
sucking on the teacher’s toes through his nylon socks. With the other foot
Dave continued to rub the boy’s boner.Suddenly they heard voices as the principal and another teacher came
walking into the library heading towards them. Dave pulled his feet back
and quickly sweet preteen lolitas com shoved them in his shoes. As the principal stopped next to the
desk where he was sitting, Dave took a peek underneath to see that the
boy’s clothes were still there, but no sign of the student himself. Dave
stood up to greet his principal, discretely adjusting the erection in his
pants as he did.The principal introduced the new teacher whom he was giving a tour, then
after the three chatted for a few minutes, headed back out of the
library. Dave looked under the desk again and saw the boy’s shoes, shirt
and shorts still there, but no boy. Dave walked around the library, then
thought he spotted movement in the back of the book stacks. Sure enough,
behind one of the shelves, Dave saw a near-naked boy trying to hide. “Hi
Dylan,” said Dave, recognizing one of the boys in his afternoon grammar
class.”Hi Mr. Miller.” Said Dylan, trying to cover himself with his hands. “Am I
in trouble? Did the principal seen me in my underwears?” asked the boy with
a slight southern twang.Dave loved the boy’s cute accent but was struggling to help him improve his
grammar. “You mean he saw you in your underwear.”"Oh my gosh, he did? Is I in troubles now?” Dylan kept trying hopelessly to
cover up his half-dressed state with his small hands.”No, I mean … pre russian teen loli he didn’t see … never mind,” said Dave, “you aren’t in
trouble. Are you embarrassed to have me see you lolita free picture gallery in your underwear?”Dylan was beginning to relax again. “Naw, Mr. Miller, I kind o’ likes
havin’ you sees me in my underwears. It’s just like having’ my big brother
sees me like this at home.”"Well you stay here for a moment,” said Dave, pre teens modeling lolita
“and I will go get your
clothes.” He walked back to the desk and picked up the boy’s things, then
went back to the stacks. “Let me help you get dressed,” he said to the
boy. Dave stood behind the boy to help him with his shirt. Dylan loli models wet underage stepped
backward until he was standing still in his socked-feet on his teacher’s
shoes.Dave slid the shirt back on over Dylan’s shoulders, then slid his hands
down to feel the boy’s chest. Dylan leaned backwards against his new
teacher’s best lolita paysite ukrainian chest.Eventually Dave slid his hands down to the boy’s skimpy underpants. Dylan
let out a gasp as his teacher pulled a bit on the elastic so that the boy’s
boner popped out. As Dave began to jack his student’s cock, the boy’s
flimsy undies slid down and Dylan kicked them off. Dave continued to rub
Dylan’s chest as he worked the boy’s cock. Soon he felt his student’s dick
pulsing and throbbing in his hand. A few more pumps and the boy grunted,
his cock spewing a load of pent-up cum.Dylan obviously had not masturbated for awhile judging from the intensity
of his orgasm. His spunk landed all over his chest, his free young lolitas galleries socks, his
underwear on the floor - all over the place. After he was spent, Dylan just
leaned against his teacher for a few minutes. Finally Dave began to help
the boy dress, helping Dylan step into his shorts. The skimpy undies had
already found their way into Dave’s pocket. Lastly Dave gently slid the
boy’s socked feet back into his shoes and the boy left, saying, “See you in
class, Mr. Miller.” David watched as the boy walked out, his buttonless
shirt flapping open as he walked.The following day in poetry class Dave had his students read the poems
aloud in class that they had written the day before. One by one the boys
got up and read their poems standing at a podium in the front of the
classroom. Rob was the last to go. He had already kicked his shoes off, so
he padded up to the front of the room in his grey school socks. He also had
an obvious boner tenting his school shorts, causing all the boys pre russian teen loli in class
to giggle or smirk. Dave blushed a bit, unaware that the boy had a
reputation among the other students as a jack off; Rob was always
masturbating in school, usually cumming in his shorts like nude young lolitas pics he had done in
class the day before.As Rob began to read his poem, his hand slid down, finally coming into
contact with his boner through his dark lolitas portal bbs shorts. While he read, Rob rubbed his
hard-on up and down through the fabric, going faster and faster as he
continued reciting. Rob knew that the teacher, sitting as his desk in the
front of the room, was the only one who could see him behind the podium.Still reading, Rob reached down and unzipped his shorts. He popped the
button, and the shorts fell lolita free picture gallery to young litlel lolitas rusia
his ankles. Rob glanced over to make sure
that Mr. Miller could see him in his South Park boxers. Otherwise Rob was
oblivious to the fact that he was masturbating right in front of the entire
class.Rob kept rubbing his boner through his boxers as he read his poem. As he
got to the climax, his voice cracked and he felt his jizz building up
inside his dick. As he squeaked out the last lines of his poems, Rob began
to cum, his sperm shooting through the thin material and making a mess of
his boxers. His knees ls magazine 12 lolita
got week and he almost buckled over as he had an
orgasm standing right in front of the whole class. He had never been so
blatant about masturbating before, making it an intense experience.Not thinking clearly, Rob walked back to his desk in his boxers and socks,
forgetting his shorts behind the podium. The boys snickered at the wet,
sticky mess on the front of his underwear.Dave got up, picked up the boy’s shorts, and tossed them to Rob, saying, “I
think you forgot something.” All of the boys in class laughed, nervously
but excited by their open new teacher.That afternoon Dave was teaching his grammar class, asking each boy to go
to the chalkboard at the front of the room to dissect some sentences. All
of the boys had had a turn except Dylan, who went last. Dave had noticed
when Dylan walked into the classroom that the boy was wearing old clothes
that looked to be falling apart. He assumed that the boy’s parents couldn’t
afford new clothes, unaware that in fact Dylan the night before had taken a
pair of scissors to one of his brother’s hand-me-down uniforms, snipping
away many of the stitches.As pre russian teen loli
Dylan had worn the sabotaged uniform all day, the threads kept ripping
more and more and the seams were opening up, exposing his bare skin. By the
time he walked into Mr. Miller’s class, his sleeves were almost falling
off, the sides of his shirt were splitting open, and the seams of his pants
had pulled apart, exposing the silky bikini briefs he had also “borrowed”
from his older brother.Dylan walked up to the blackboard last, and as he reached up to work on the
first sentence, Dave could hear the remaining stitches in the boy’s clothes
pulling and ripping. With the strain, Dylan’s clothes began to fall
apart. The shirt came apart first and fell to the floor in pieces, followed
by the boy’s pants. As Dylan tried to catch the remnants of his shirt to
hold them up, the pants began to give way and fall to the free young lolitas galleries floor as well.Dylan turned around to face the class, now standing in his skimpy
underpants, as all the boys looked momentarily shocked. Then after only an
instance Dylan turned bright red and said “Oh no!” and tried futilely to
cover his naked chest and his underpants with his hands. After the shock
wore off, all nonnude boy lolita boy of the boys in class started to laugh at Dylan, who liked
like he was about to cry. Still trying to cover himself, he ran out of the
classroom. As he did the oversized shoes he had also taken from his big
bro’s closet came off his feet, lolita girl model agency so Dylan ran down the hallway wearing
nothing but silky underpants and his school socks.Dave dismissed his still-laughing class early, then went to find Dylan. He
found the boy nonnude boy lolita boy
hiding in the restroom, an obvious boner tenting his
underwear. Dave suspected that his student was as excited as he was
embarrassed to have had the class see him in his briefs. “Mr. Miller, all
them boys seen me in my underwears,” said Dylan in his cute accent.Dave decided it was not the time to correct the boy’s grammar. “How did you
feel being in your underwear in front of the class?” Dave asked his
student.”Um, it was embarrassing,” said Dylan, “but I kind o’ liked it too. Dumb,
huh?”"No, Dylan, I understand what you mean,” said Dave, putting his arm tarjetas cachondas lolitas incesto around
the boy. pre russian teen loli “I have felt the same way myself. tarjetas cachondas lolitas incesto Why don’t I help you get home?”"Thanks, Mr. Miller,” said Dylan, excited to have found this new teacher
who seemed to understand just how he felt.Dave walked the underwear-clad loli models wet underage
boy to his car, then began driving him home
following the boy’s directions. Dave was surprised when he pulled into the
driveway of a large, obviously expensive house. Clearly the boy was not at
Woodland Academy on a scholarship.The pair got out of the car and walked to the front porch, only for Dylan
to realize that he had forgotten his key. “My brother done gots one, so I
can just waits for him to get home,” said the boy.Dave really liked Dylan but cringed at his grammar. “You mean he has one,
so you nude young lolitas pics
can wait for him.”"That’s what I said!” Dylan smiled at his new favorite teacher as he spoke.”How about if I wait with you until he gets home?” asked Dave.”Thanks Mr. Miller!” said Dylan, now grinning even more. The two sat down
on a bench on the front porch.The two talked for a bit, then Dave reached his around Dylan and began to
gently massage the boy’s nipple. Dylan moaned, so Dave leaned over and
began to suck on his nipple, his tongue swirling and licking his soft skin.Dylan lay back on the bench as Dave explored the boy’s body with his
mouth. Soon his tongue worked its way down to the head of the boy’s dick
that was protruding from the silky bikini briefs. As Dave’s tongue began to
explore the head then slide down the shaft of the boy’s dick, Dylan began
to moan louder. Dave nervously looked around, wondering if any neighbors or
men in passing cars could see.Dave yanked down Dylan’s underpants and pulled off his socks, and soon had
the boy completely naked on his front porch in view of anyone passing
by. Dave didn’t care who saw; he just took the boy’s cock into his mouth
and began sucking away, tasting his sweet pre-cum. Dylan writhed and
moaned, filled with the same kind of pleasure he experienced when his big
brother did this to him.Dylan groaned out loud as he felt his spunk shoot out of his cock into his
teacher’s mouth. Dave continued loli boy girl hardcore
to suck the boy’s dick, taking in every
drop dark lolitas portal bbs of salty cum.After Dylan had shot his load and was still lying on the bench, he and his
teacher looked over and were surprised to find something standing on the
porch. Dave thought it looked like an older version of his student.”Hey Dalton!” said Dylan, getting up, now naked and still with a
hard-on. “This is my teacher. Mr. Miller, this is my big brother, Dalton.”"Uh oh” Dave thought to himself, but to his surprise Dalton shook his hand
and gave him a wink.”Nice to meet ya’, Mr. Miller,” said Dalton. “I hope you can come back and
visit both me and my brother the next time!”"Uh, I’d love to,” said Dave.”Great, you can come for dinner sometime!” said Dalton. He leaned over and
gave his little brother a kiss, then led the naked boy into the large
house. The boys waved goodbye to Dave, who waved back, then walked in a
daze back to his car.Over the weekend Dave again found himself babysitting his nephew, Sammy,
and his nephew’s friend, Freddie. He took the boys to a park where there
were a few older boys messing around. The boys were begging Dave to play
“clothes monster” with them, so he agreed, but added a new variation. Dave
would play the “clothes-hating monster” and chase the boys, and when he
caught one he would start to rip and tear their clothes off. The boys
eagerly agreed and ran off.Dave caught Freddie first since he was smaller and pulled off the boy’s
sneakers, then chased Sammy and pulled off his shoes once he caught
him. Now both boys were running around the park in their white socks.The chase continued and Dave again caught Freddie. This time he grabbed the
neckband of his t-shirt and pulled, ripping down the front of his shirt and
exposing his chest. Freddie squealed and ran off, so Dave chased Sammy and
ripped open his t-shirt too. Dave caught Freddie again and tore down the
back of his t-shirt, so now it was barely hanging from him. Dave ran after
Sammy and ripped the back of his shirt too.Dave continued to chase the boys, each time ripping more of their shirts -
tearing the sleeves off, or bits of material that he dropped to the
ground. Finally the two were running around in the shredded remains of
their t-shirts which finally fell to the ground, and both were naked from
the waist up.Dave chased Freddie again and this time when he caught the boy, ripped the
side of his shorts. Dave ran after Sammy and did the same to him, tearing
up the side seam up to the waistband. Dave did the same to the other sides
of the shorts, then ripped them under the crotch. The boys were running
around with the remains of their shorts flapping, held together only by the
elastic waistbands. As the boys ran around, the fabric flew up, exposing
their underpants, Freddie in spiderman undies and Sammy in superman briefs.By now the older boys were watching and laughing at the boys dark lolitas portal bbs running around
half-dressed. But Dave noticed that a few of the older boys had obvious
boners in their shorts, and a couple were rubbing them.Dave went after Freddie one more time, caught him, and gave his waistband a
hard yank. The remains of his shorts fell to the ground, and he giggled and
ran off in his underpants. Dave did the same to Sammy, leaving him also
laughing in his underwear.The older boys left, but one walked over to Dave and the boys. Dave noticed
that this was one of the boys who had been rubbing his hard-on through his
shorts. “Um, hey,” he said, “what pre teens modeling lolita are you guys doing?”"Playing a game with my uncle called clothes monster,” said Sammy, rubbing
himself through his undies. The boys had gotten so excited they both had
boners now. “My uncle is the clothes monster, and he chases us, and when he
catches us, he eats our clothes. Do you want to play?”"He he, um, no,” said the boy, still rubbing his dick through his shorts.”Uh oh, the clothes monster is coming after us again!” squealed Freddie,
running off. Dave knew that the boys wanted to continue.Dave chased after Freddie, then caught him and grabbed his briefs. He gave
them a yank, ripping the material away from the waistband. Freddie giggled
and ran off, so Dave chased Sammy and tore his underpants too. He
alternately chased the two boys, and each time he caught them ripped more
of their briefs. Soon the red and blue pieces of material from their
underpants were all over the ground. Dave looked at the older boy watching
them nonnude boy lolita boy and young litlel lolitas rusia saw that he had pushed his baggy shorts down and was now rubbing
his dick through his boxerbriefs.Dave chased after both boys and tackled them to the ground. With both
laughing hysterically, he yanked the last bits of their underpants off,
including the elastic waistbands, and tossed them away. The boys jumped up
and began to lolita free picture gallery run around the park naked, their boners bouncing as they did.Dave then noticed the boys whispering to each other, then they ran toward
the older boy, both yelling “clothes monster!” The boy looked nude young lolitas pics shocked as
Freddie and Sammy tackled him to the ground. He seemed too surprised to
resist at all. With pre russian teen loli the boys yelling and laughing, they began to pull the
older boy’s clothes off. First went his sneakers, then his shirt, then they
got his loli models wet underage
shorts off.Suddenly the boy seemed to realize what was happening and started yelling,
“dudes, stop!” But the boys kept going, yanking on his underwear. The boy
held onto them, trying to stop them, but the friction of the material
rubbing against his hard cock was too much. The boy let go of his underwear
and, as Sammy and Freddie pulled them past his dick, the boy lost it. His
cock twitched and began to spew cum. “Oh, oh, oh man, oh no!” said the boy,
trying to cover his spurting cock with his hand.The older boy stood up wearing only socks, his dick still hard and
leaking. He was still trying to cover himself with his hands when he saw
the boys grab his shoes and clothes and run off. “Wait! Dudes! My clothes!
Stop! Oh man!” In a panic the naked boy ran off without his free young lolitas galleries
clothes still
hiding his boner with his hands.”We had better get going boys,” said Dave, afraid the boy might get the
police. He led Sammy and Freddie, still naked except for socks, back to the
car where they got into the back seat. On the drive home Dave watched in
the rear-view mirror as the naked boys stretched out in the backseat in a
sixty-nine position and sucked each other’s dicks. Dave noticed more than a
few guys in trucks slow down to watch the boys going at it. When they
arrived home, the boys got out of the car, both with cum dribbling down
their chins.That evening the boys begged Dave to take them to get pizza, so Dave took
them to a place where a friend of his worked. They dressed in khaki pants,
polo shirts, socks and loafers. On the way into the restaurant, Dave
whispered to his friend, then loli models wet underage
sitting in the booth Dave told the boys they
were going to play another game. He introduced them to his friend, Tony,
and told them that anytime Tony brought them something, they had to give
him something in return. The boys excitedly agreed.Tony brought them all glasses of soda, and the boys laughed, knowing they
had to give him something. Freddie let his shoes slid off his feet onto the
floor, and Tony picked them up. Sammy, though, pulled off his polo shirt
and handed it to Tony, who walked away with the items.After they ordered pizza, Tony soon returned with a basket of bread. This
time Freddie pulled his shirt off, giggling and handing it to Dave’s
friend. Sammy turned in his seat and stuck his feet out, so Tony bent down
and pulled the boy’s shoes off of his feet. Tony again walked away with the
clothes.The boys chatted and munched on bread, and after a bit Tony returned with
their pizza. Both boys laughed again, and Freddie jumped up out of the
booth. He unzipped his trousers pre russian teen loli and wiggled them down, stepping out of them
and handing the pants to Tony. Sammy undid his pants under the table and
pushed them down, then again turned in his seat. Tony finished the job,
reaching down and yanking the trousers off of the boy. He walked away with
the pants, leaving the boys to eat in their underwear and socks. Freddie
wore red loli boy girl hardcore briefs, and Sammy wore blue.The boys enjoyed eating in their underwear. The only other people eating
nearby was a couple where two men sat, and they seemed to be enjoying the
show. When Tony returned with more sodas, the boys pulled off their socks
and handed them over. They finished eating the pizza, and before long Tony
returned again with ice cream for dessert. The boys laughed again. Freddie
jumped up and pulled down his underpants, then he kicked them off. Sammy
wiggled his briefs down so that Tony could reach down and pull them off. He
left with two pair of underpants, and the boys had to eat dessert now
completely naked.Tony returned one last time with cookies, and the boys said, “But we don’t
have anything to give you!”"Yes you do,” said Tony. Making sure no one was looking, except for the
table of two men who were still enjoying watching, Tony slid underneath the
table.Dave heard Freddie gasp as Tony took the boy’s hard cock into his
mouth. Freddie moaned and groaned as he felt Tony sucking and licking his
dick. Freddie was wiggling around, excited to be naked and getting a blow
job in the middle of the restaurant. Tony swirled his tongue around the
head of the boy’s cock, then licked up and down the shaft, then took the
whole boner into his mouth. Freddie kept wiggling and moaning, about to
burst from the excitement. Finally Freddie yelled out as his dick began to
shoot jizz into Tony’s mouth. Tony kept sucking until the boy’s cock has
spurted every drop.Then Tony turned and took Sammy’s boner into his mouth. Sammy writhed and
moaned as he felt the tugging sensation on his hard cock, until he also
shot his load, Tony drinking in every last bit of his spunk.Tony got back up and dropped a check on the table which read “no charge,”
then winked at Dave and the boys and went back to the kitchen. Dave led the
still-naked boys out of the restaurant, much to the delight of the two men
nearby. He wondered what the boys would get up to next.
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